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Welcome to MasonicInk!

On the 'net since 2003, Bro. Masons from all walks of life are showing their love for the Craft through the ancient art of tattoo. The symbols and tenets of Freemasonry are cherished, honored and protected by brothers who have made their commitment to Freemasonry literally a part of themselves, as a badge and reminder.(Plus, it's a great reason to get that tattoo you've always wanted.)


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I'd like to dedicate this page to one of the first known Brothers with the symbols of the craft tattooed on his "sacred temple":

Masonic tradition informs us..."The first Masonic funeral service in California in 1849 was for the body of an unknown Freemason who was found drowned in the bay. A Mark Master's silver mark was found on the body. Tattooed on his left arm were the emblems of the E.A.; on his right arm the emblems of a F.C.; on his left breast the lights of Freemasonry and over his heart a pot of incense. On other parts of his body were a beehive, sword and heart, all-seeing eye, hourglass, sun, moon, stars, comet, 3 steps, weeping virgin and Father Time with his scythe."

:Ref page 134 The Ultimate Anthology (Temple Books)):

Keith S

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Click here to read an article about the 2004 SF tattoo expo at California Grand Lodge.

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